Corning Glass 7i

Corning’s Gorilla Glass 7i is Changing the Game for Affordable Smartphone Durability

Corning, a pioneer in smartphone glass solutions, introduces Gorilla Glass 7i, targeting to level the landscape of affordable smartphones. This introduction outlines the key features and goals of this groundbreaking innovation.

Durability and Performance: A Game-Changer for Budget Smartphones

Gorilla Glass 7i promises superior durability and performance enhancements tailored for the intermediate and value-segment smartphone market. This section delves into the specific improvements offered by Gorilla Glass 7i and its impact on budget smartphone users.

Laboratory Proven Durability: Gorilla Glass 7i Outperforms Competitors

Corning’s extensive lab tests demonstrate the remarkable durability of Gorilla Glass 7i, showcasing its ability to withstand falls on rough surfaces. This segment highlights the findings from these tests, showing Gorilla Glass 7i‘s superiority over its competitors.

Affordability Without Compromise: Corning’s Commitment to Budget-Friendly Innovation

Despite its advanced features, Gorilla Glass 7i remains cost-effective, aligning with Corning’s commitment to affordability. This section explores how Corning balances durability, protection, and affordability, ensuring that consumers can enjoy high-quality glass technology without breaking the bank.

Strategic Partnership

The collaboration between Corning and Oppo marks a significant milestone in the beginning of Gorilla Glass 7i. This segment discusses the strategic implications of this partnership and its potential to shape the future of affordable smartphones.


Gorilla Glass 7i represents a groundbreaking change in the world of affordable smartphones, offering unparalleled durability and performance at an accessible price point. This conclusion summarizes the impact of Gorilla Glass 7i and its potential to transform the concept the smartphone experience for millions of users worldwide.

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