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Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it is no longer available. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

FreeIDENTITYProtect offers a good amount of protection for your identifying information, but falls a bit short compared to our higher ranked services at a similar price. If you’re looking for some simple identity protection for no cost, we recommend FreeIDENTITYProtect’s free service, although their full-feature premium option doesn’t quite stack up to the competition.

FreeIDENTITYProtect doesn’t contact the credit bureaus or place fraud alerts, but does email reminders for you to do so yourself. Fraud alerts are used to avoid imposters applying for new credit lines in your name. This is a nice service that technically you can do yourself, but you have to remember to reapply the fraud alerts every 90 days. FreeIDENTITYProtect takes away the hassle by reminding you.

FreeIDENTITYProtect has recovery assistance, including a dedicated case worker to help in the event of an identity security breach. They back their service with a $1 million warranty, as well as $25,000 insurance with no deductable from AIG.

FreeIDENTITYProtect sends you all three credit history reports once a year. As an additional convenience, FreeIDENTITYProtect removes your name not only from mail lists, but from telemarketing lists as well. This not only reduces annoying offers, but decreases the amount of identifying material that identity thieves can potentailly steal.

FreeIDENTITYProtect is available to help you over the phone or through email with your account or with potential identity theft. Not only do they also have a helpful FAQs on their website, they also provide a unique blog that you can access for hints or updated identity theft news.

FreeIDENTITYProtect’s listing of information protected compares with other services, except it does not provide protection for your street address.

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FreeIDENTITYProtect is a comparable service for your identity protection, but lacks some security features offered by other services. The fraud alerts are not placed on your behalf, which means that you don’t have to give FreeIDENTITYProtect power of attorney, but you do have to do the work of regenerating the fraud alerts yourself. And with no online fraud monitoring or the ability to freeze your credit, FreeIDENTITYProtect just needs more. We would also like to see stolen wallet assistance and coverage for family members.

If you need help doing some of the things you can already do yourself for free (fraud alerts, credit reports, mail list removal), FreeIDENTITYProtect’s free service is a nice service to get you on the right track, and the premium service is an ok value, but just not as good as others.