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GPD Introduces the Duo: A Dual-Screen Laptop with Unique Features and Powerful Performance – Specs and Price not yet Revealed

GPD, known for its quirky portable PCs and gaming handhelds, has surprised everyone by announcing a full-sized laptop called the Duo. This new laptop is aimed at engineers and stands out with its unique dual-screen setup. It features two 13.3-inch Samsung AMOLED displays that can be folded in various ways. You can fold one screen outward for tablet-style use or open both screens fully to create an 18-inch display.

These OLED screens support 10-point touch and work with the Surface Pen stylus, making them attractive to both engineers and artists. The Duo also comes with a variety of ports, although the exact details haven’t been fully revealed yet.

Unlike other dual-screen laptops, the Duo has a built-in full-sized keyboard, so you don’t have to choose between a virtual keyboard and a physical one. However, this means you can’t use the screens side by side like some other models.

The ultra-thin OLED screens are lightweight, making the laptop remains stable even when both screens are extended vertically. It’s referred to as an “AI PC,” but details about the processor and other specs are still under wraps. GPD aims for this laptop to match the performance of gaming laptops and have battery life comparable to high-end ultrabooks.

Dual-screen laptops feed to those who prefer multi-screen setups at home, and if GPD gets the performance, battery life, and build quality right, the Duo could attract a significant audience.

Currently, GPD has not shared pricing or availability details. The Duo is different from other dual-screen laptops like Lenovo’s Yoga Book 9i and Asus’s Zenbook Duo. It features two 13.3-inch AMOLED displays that can extend from the top of the main screen or fold back for a more traditional look.

GPD shapes the importance of a physical keyboard attached to the body for reliability. While they haven’t revealed the CPU and GPU details, they promise the Duo will be powerful enough for gaming. The laptop will also offer plenty of connectivity options, including support for external GPUs, two M.2 slots, and up to 96GB of RAM.

The screens will support 10-bit color and 100% Adobe RGB color gamut coverage. Interestingly, the secondary display can be used as an external monitor for other devices.

Overall, the Duo seems like a minimal product with unique features. GPD often relies on kickstarting campaigns for its products, and while the Duo’s price and release date are still unknown, it has the potential to show some unique needs.

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