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Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

It may be a bit surprising to see such a popular network as NBC this far down on the list. Frankly, it surprised us too because NBC looks so full-featured at first glance. In fact, the main page of the site is far too busy, making it an information overload when you first visit.

But on closer inspection, it starts to become clear that NBC just doesn’t have as many videos or features as you would expect. The NBC site is actually a disappointment as an Internet TV site. It has boatloads of information about your favorite shows and some distracting content, but just not enough in the way of full episodes. 

Obviously the content on the NBC site is restricted solely to NBC shows. While this isn’t a problem, there are plenty of entertaining shows on that network, NBC.com just doesn’t have as much diversity as other Internet TV sites that pull from several other networks, including NBC.

Another problem with the NBC content is that there are only full episodes available for about half of the shows on the list. Everything else just has clips and promo videos, so it’s kind of a gamble whether the show you are looking for is even available to watch.

This is one area where NBC impressed us, especially after seeing the main page of the site and being overwhelmed by bunches of boxes and flashing panels. But you can cut through all the fluff by simply going up to the “Shows” link at the top of the screen. This brings down a menu with all the NBC shows, and it even has a little icon telling you whether there are full episodes are available. This makes it much easier to immediately see what’s available.

Once you select a show, you can select full episodes from another menu, which takes you to the NBC video player (thank you NBC for not making us download a special player!). The player is simple, with two popout menus that let you access the features while the player is running.

NBC does an acceptable job at keeping the commercials at a minimum. They are less frequent than many other sites, and there aren’t too many flashy image ads either. This helps keep the viewing window less cluttered and thus less distracting.

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NBC is a little short on features when compared to the other sites in this review. You can send videos to a friend, but you can embed video, rate it or save it to a list of favorites. This makes the site far less inviting to people who like to watch a lot of video.

Fortunately, NBC has created a way for viewers to interact. The NBC video player has an option for you to “Host a Viewing Party.” That sounds much more formal than it really is. Basically, you set up a time for you and your friends to all watch the video simultaneously while you comment and chat to each other over an instant messaging-type system.

NBC actually has an attractive and functional Internet TV site. They just don’t have the broad content library that some of the top sites have. If you really like NBC shows you won’t be disappointed.