Samsung Ring Latest Leaks

Samsung Galaxy Ring Latest Leaks: Expected Price Range, Advantages and Features – Oura Ring can still Defend it

Samsung is set to launch the Galaxy Ring on July 10 at the Unpacked 2024 event in Paris. This smart ring targets to offer health and fitness insights similar to smartwatches.

Pricing and Subscription

  • Price Leak: It suggests the Galaxy Ring may be priced around ₹40,581. Earlier leaks indicated a more affordable range of ₹25,045-₹29,220.
  • Subscription: There may be a ₹834 monthly subscription for additional health features, similar to Oura and Fitbit.


  • Health Tracking: Includes stress and heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, snore detection, and period cycle tracking. These features are accessible through the Samsung Health app when paired with a smartphone.
  • Additional Sensors: Temperature reader, ECG, PPG, and more.
  • Design: Initially, a full-circular design is expected. May the future version have a display and a widen shape.

Competitor Comparison

  • Oura Ring: The primary competitor, the Oura Ring, offers sleep, workout recovery, and women’s health tracking, five-day battery life, and water resistance. The starting price is ₹24,961.

Potential Advantages of Galaxy Ring:

  • No Subscription Fees: Avoiding repeated costs could be a major selling point.
  • Battery Life: Aiming for better than Oura’s five days.
  • NFC for Payments: Including contactless payment options could set it apart.
  • Gesture Control: Possible integration with Samsung’s ecosystem for media control and device location.
    Cross-Platform Compatibility: Expanding compatibility beyond Samsung devices could increase its appeal.

Future Developments

Galaxy Ring 2: A leak reveals a design with dual displays and more sensors, indicating a potential future model with enhanced features like AMOLED screens and gesture-based controls. However, this remains as a secret here.

The Galaxy Ring aims to compete with existing smart rings by playing a major role in Samsung’s extensive tech ecosystem and potentially offering features like NFC payments and gesture controls, all while aiming to keep costs reasonable without mandatory subscriptions.

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